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Superintendent's Message

Again, I wish to welcome you to our new website. We are extremely excited as we move leaps and bounds into updating our technology usage in our classrooms. We may be off the beaten path as a physical location, but there is nothing that we do not offer our students.
In fact we are moving towards a 1:1 campus using school furnished technology. We have updated our website, our internet connections, and wireless access. We are providing 1:1 ipads for our 5th - 8th grade students. Our teachers have been training since last January to enable Ezzell to offer 21st century educational programs to all of our students. 

Students have been educated on the perils of the internet to ensure they are aware of the dangers which can lurk in places which are not child friendly.   Ezzell has been creating generations of excellence since 1856 and continues that tradition today.  We hope you will consider us as an option for your child's education.  Our teachers are among the best in the state, our school board is very child oriented and the rest of our staff are highly qualified individuals whose major concern is each and every child.  We truly leave no child behind. 
Take a  look at our website, we will continue to update and open new venues to make it the most parent friendly school site around.  We wantvparents/guardians to know, we want your involvement in your child's education and look forward to having you join our Ezzell family.   
Transportation  options are available.