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From the Texas Historical Commission marker:


In the early 1850s, pioneers of this area erected a building 2 miles north of this site which they called White House Christian Church and School because of the contrast its lime coating presented against the surrounding green prairie. In 1883, the school was moved to a building in the community of Ezzell on land donated by Andrew Garner. It was the community's first public school and was named Ezzell for local merchants Sam and Ira Ezzell.

In 1922, a new 4-room school building was erected at this site on land donated by Dr. F.A. Evans. Three additional acres were purchased from L.A. Bishop in 1923. In 1925, students from the nearby Live Oak School began attending Ezzell School. Ezzell's three teachers and nine grades served more than 100 pupils in 1935. Prior to World War II, the Ezzell School building also served as the site for draft registrations.

Unlike many area rural schools which closed during the 1950s and 1960s, Ezzell continued to grow as the area it served expanded. In 1975, a new wing was added to the East side of the building to accommodate more students. In 1989, three classrooms, a science lab, and several physical education facilities were added. Today, Ezzell operates as an elementary school.

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The ultimate mission of Ezzell ISD is to provide a comprehensive education for all students through the appropiate application of physical, financial, and human resources available to our district, where students come first.

Vision Statement

"Creating Generations of Excellence"